About Us

Hey Boundless Travelers, and welcome to our Family Travel Blog. We are just a regular ordinary family who has a love for traveling. We want to teach, and inspire families to Travel $marter. We believe that if you Travel $marter you will Strengthen your marriage, Grow closer as a family, Refocus on values, Dismantle stereotypes, and Create a happier home life. We created this blog to show people that you can travel with kids frequently, how to find deals and tips for traveling the world.

Meet The Brookshire Tribe

I’m Alana! I’m the mama of this crazy beautiful tribe. I’m a social worker, wife, and mommy to three little people. If you’re wondering, I am the one who writes this family travel blog. I attended North Carolina Central University (Eagle Pride), but finished my last three semesters, and graduated from Wright State with my undergrad. One year later I completed my Master’s program at Western New Mexico University. I have the degrees, the job, and the stability, however; traveling is what fulfills my accomplishments meter. I am incredibly creative, I love to write poetry, practice photography, and most importantly travel to new places.

I’m Anthony! I’m the daddy of this beautiful tribe I was blessed with. I retired from the Marine Corps, went to school, and received my degree in Sports Science, but my passion is to cook for people and travel to different places to eat new foods. I enjoy cooking so much that I opened my own Food Truck (Jamaican Joe’s), I’ve traveled to 11 countries, and Greece has been by far my favorite place. I can do just about anything I put my mind to, and I’m always down to learn something new.

I’m Ali. I’m the not so forgotten middle child. I am very skeptical about everything, and everyone. I rarely talk to strangers, but I’m not afraid to see the world. I love eating, hugging my little sister, and messing up my brother’s toys. I love to cuddle, dance, and did I mention I love to eat. My favorite place I’ve been to is the Bahamas because I turned one there.

I’m Asa. I’m the oldest, and the rebel of the siblings. I do life my own way, and that’s okay with my parents…..well most of the time. I love meeting new people, and I will just about have a conversation with anyone I see. I’m such a loving, caring, sensitive kid, and I love to spend time as a family (I’m always asking if it’s family night). My favorite thing to do is play on my tablet, but my parents don’t let me play every day, they say it’s much better to get outside, and play, and enjoy nature. My favorite place I’ve been so far is Jamaica.

I’m Azari! I’m newest to the Brookshire tribe. I’m the only girl, and I like it that way. I love to cuddle, sleep, pull my dad’s hair, and play with my family. People are always coming up to me to get a better look, to say how cute I am, and compliments me on my eyes, and hair. My mommy says I’m beautiful because of my energy, spirit, and personality too, I like it when she says that. My favorite place I’ve been to is the Great Wolf Lodge, my family goes every year, and I got to enjoy the park for the first time.

Why Start BoundlessBrookshires

I have ALWAYS loved to write. I started writing for fun when I was 7. I love writing poetry, spoken word, music, short stories, and now I guess, blogging. I’ve always envisioned my life as non-stop vacation (or as close as I could get to it). When we were younger my husband and I would go on vacation at least two-three times a year, solely for birthdays, or catching once in a lifetime Reggae concerts, however; when my oldest turned 3 he went on his first trip out of the country, and it completely changed his life (our lives), and our view on travel. Before we caught the plane back to the U.S, we promised each other that we would take at least 4 trips, and at least ONE out of the country every year. Many people believe you have to be rich to travel as much as we do with our kids, so I created BoundlessBrookshires to show parents how to “Travel $mart”, without breaking the bank.

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