Top Websites For Cheap Flights You Might Not Know About

Would you love to get a $200 round trip ticket to Barcelona, or a $124 one way to Thailand, or how about a $300 ticket to Bali? Well, after reading these tips you’ll be well on your way to these destinations without breaking the bank. When booking some of these flights you have to be flexible about your dates and be open to travel anywhere. Here are the best websites to find these hot deals.

Secret Flying

If you live or love to travel Internationally, and have not used Secret Flying than you probably are paying too much for your flights. The Cheap flights on Secret Flying are perfect for around the world travel as they post flight deals from the U.S, Asia, Africa, Carribean, Europe, South America, and Canada. We are not just talking about $100 difference in tickets, we are talking $298 RT flights from Atlanta to Barcelona, Spain, $266 RT flights from New York to Barcelona, Spain, and $383 RT flights from Los Angeles to Taiwan. Follow Secret Flying on Facebook and Twitter to be the first to know about new deals as they become available.


Skyscanner is an amazing resource to have when planning your next trip. They offer the ability to search and view the cheapest flights for specific dates. Checking Skyscanner often is a sure way to catch a flight deal. The best feature on Skyscanner is that you can choose an origination airport (your local airport), however; you can choose “Everywhere” as your destination, opening up your search to one giant database of the best deals flying out of your airport. You can find cheap flights on Skyscanner anywhere because they offer an app to download for almost all mobile devices.

The Flight Deal

The Flight Deal is a great website to find hot deals for around the world travel. The Flight Deal is much like Secret Flying, offering amazing trips, at low prices, however; they only have flights leaving from the U.S. Follow The Flight Deal on Twitter, and Facebook to be the first to know about new deals.


Fly4Free is a great trip search tool. However; the website is only designed for flights from the U.S, Asia, Europe, and Australia. So sorry to my international readers.

Extra Tips

Space-A Travel/Military Travel

Space-A Travel is a service available for Military service members, and Disabled Veterans to fly for nearly free. It is difficult to navigate, but once you learn how to do it, you can fly just about anywhere a military plane is headed, for free or for dirt cheap.

Google Flights

Google Flights lets you search for flights from your local airport to anywhere in the world. Google Flights has a great function where you can track the flight you have your eye on, to alert you when prices change. It is easy to navigate on mobile devices.

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