Why Millennial Parents are Ditching Birthday Parties for Getaways with Their Kids

Almost every new-age parent has either been tempted to throw the super-extra “Pinterest inspired” Birthday party for their kid, or has spent hundreds of dollars actually nailing it. Either way it goes, many Millennial parents are sick of the pressure to throw a two-year-old the ultimate Frozen themed birthday-bash, finished off by a 6ft ice sculpture of the entire cast, and a dessert table that looked like it jumped out of The Food Network channel, just to impress, and entertain other people’s kids.

Birthday parties can get overwhelming for everyone, you’re crying because your little one is growing up, they’re crying the entire time JUST because they can, and every single kid is just aimlessly running around in circles with their friends, and cousins without even taking a glance at the 6ft cast masterpiece you just spent $200 on. Don’t get me wrong, parties can be super fun, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with throwing your kid a birthday party, but it’s also ok NOT to throw your kid a party too.

Millennial parents are turning to birthday trips to celebrate the life of their children instead. Overnight hotel sleepovers in a new city, Weekend trips to local attractions, 2-day Florida vacations, Disney World, 3-day Cruises, and World-Travel are all options millennials are choosing from. Here are the reasons why:

Done Throwing Parties For Other People’s Kids

Let’s just be honest, it cost to damn much to throw a party, and it cost even more to entertain the kids that aren’t even yours. You rack your brain, and bill up for weeks thinking of ways to wow the crowd. You buy entertainment, party favors, name-brand snacks, and the top-shelf kid’s drinks, only to hear a group of them complain about the music, only getting one hotdog, or not having the pizza that they like. Somewhere within the last 5 years, birthdays come with high expectations, red carpet quality decorations, and a theme for the ages. If you’re a Millennial fed up with the over the top birthday bashes, then you’re probably one of the parents who are looking into the alternatives.

They Understand the Power in Quality Time

Spending time with his kids in the mountains

You are the setup crew, the host, the server, the teardown crew, and the mom/dad during your kid’s birthday party. The whole day you struggle to get pictures of your special mini, while you are worried about another kid needing another juice box, or conversating with other parents about their grown-up problems. On the one day that you cherish the most, you find yourself as far away from the person the party is happening for in the first place. Getting away for the weekend for their birthday ensures that you can fully be there, in the moment, as just their mom or dad, creating special memories.

They Understand the Importance of Travel

Kids who travel are happier (no seriously there’s scientific facts that prove it). Traveling with your kids is the greatest birthday gift you can give them. It nurtures their brain development and has incredible effects on bonding. Millennial parents are understanding that travel is an important part of growing up, and it molds their children to think critically and seek adventure.

They Know They Are Getting Their Money’s Worth

Via BlogCertified

You just can’t put a price tag on your kids smiling and enjoying something new. Seeing them explore the beach shore, looking at them completely in awe of the airports, watching as they hike through a National Park, observing them take in the smells, views, and sounds of a new environment are all but wasteful. Hearing them say “I turned 5 at Disney World”, “for my 4th birthday we stayed at a hotel”, or “I spent my birthday on a cruise ship” is more than a party can ever give them; giving them travel is giving them substance, and experiences.

Cassie spending her birthday week in Florida Via Maya Parker

Travel or Parties?

At the end of the day, people have their preferences. Some Millennials really love throwing extravagant parties, and they don’t really seem to mind doing it every year, however; there are a lot of parents who are ready to switch it up, try something new, and ready to do away with birthday parties for fun, relaxing getaways with their birthday boy or girl. Whichever you choose just remember, Travel $mart, save money, strengthen your marriage, grow closer as a family, refocus on values, dismantle stereotypes, and create a happier home life.

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