Travel Plans Caught in the Middle of 45’s Government Shutdown? Here’s What to Expect, and How to Prepare

If you haven’t been living under a rock for that last 2 weeks, then you are aware of the government shutdown, ranking the second-longest shutdown in U.S history. Why is the government shutdown? Well, 45 wants 5.6 billion dollars to build his wall that will run 2,000 miles along the border. How long until it’s over? Well, it’s kind of like a showdown with my 2-year-old toddler who screams in the middle of the airport wanting a bag of $6.00 chips after I told him “no”; he cries, I stare, and about 2 minutes later something else catches his attention and we’re good. There is no deadline for the shutdown, 45’s pretty adamant that he’ll keep it shut until he secures his funding. He said Friday that it could last “months or even years.” However; maybe he’ll get distracted by something else, and forget what he was asking for in the first place.

U.S. President Donald Trump sits behind his desk.

If you, like my family, have a trip booked within the next week or two and are planning to travel either Domestically, or Internationally; here’s how 45’s shutdown could affect your travel plans.

Airline Workers are Calling Off

There has been an increase in TSA’s calling off sick due to the fact that they aren’t receiving pay. TSA’s are federal employees, and when the government isn’t working, they do not receive a paycheck. I don’t blame them, I don’t like being at work when I’m actually getting paid, so I would be sure to skip quite a few days when I’m not receiving any money for my hours at work. Lack of screeners means a greater possibility that there will be longer lines, and may run a higher risk for a breach in airport security.

Safety Inspectors are not getting paid either, therefore they aren’t at work. All inspectors are being called out on a case by case basis, with airline fleet inspections being their top and only priority.

Tip: The rule of thumb is to arrive at the airport 2 hours before your flight. I suggest 3 hours; who knows how backed up it could be. Be extra vigilant, and secure your luggage at all times.

Traveling to a National Park

If you have any luck like my family, then a National Park is exactly where you are heading within the next 2 weeks. The parks will be open to pedestrians, however; it has been a struggle to remain open, and most park-workers will be on leave. The parks have not been tended to for the last 18 days, and there have been reports of a rapid climb of sanitary issues at the parks involving trash, and restrooms on site.

Tip: When visiting the parks, do your part. Pick up trash, throw it away, make sure you are not littering, keep the restrooms clean after use. Be aware of any environmental dangers, and stay on boardwalks and trails. Call ahead to check the status of the park you are visiting.

Traveling to The National Zoo

Simply put, the Smithsonian’s National Zoo will be closed. The animals of course will still be fed, and cared for however; no one will be admitted for entrance until further notice.

Tip: Don’t cancel your flight, or rental car just yet. If the shutdown continues, find something else in the area to do with your family. Visit the Washington Monument or the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool.  

There will be a National Address airing January 8, 2019, at 9 pm. Maybe the Shutdown will end, and this blog post won’t even matter, and all our travels can go on as planned. Travel $mart, save money, strengthen your marriage, grow closer as a family, refocus on values, dismantle stereotypes, and create a happier home life.

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